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加急 Sales Engineer



公司规模: 50-100人 公司性质: 外资企业
公司行业: 机电、机械制造、模具、汽车、汽配、船舶、厨具、摩托车、维修等
招聘人数: 若干 提供月薪: 面议
工作性质: 全职 学历要求: 本科及以上
工作年限: 3-5年 年龄要求: 不限
职位类别: 销售工程师,销售经理/销售主管,外贸/贸易专员/助理
工作地点: 上海
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技术背景优先,不一定有销售经验,工作地点:上海(technical background preferred, not necessarily have sales experience, based in Shanghai)。

Typical support activities include: -
1、Provide interface between HTL & Domestic Customer Base (Boiler Companies, Power Utilities & Design Institutes)
2、 Further develop existing relationship between HTL/HTPKL & our key customer base (SBWL, DFBG, B&WB, Alstom Wuhan & HBCo)
3、 Work with the boiler companies towards a low cost, standardised BCP with reduced manufacturing timeframe.
4、 Generation of new business enquiries
5、 Follow up & provide technical & commercial clarification of proposals
6、 Develop an understanding of the existing market and future direction of boiler design and with it the need for BCPs.
7、 Liaise with customer on all ongoing contractual issues including submission of drawings, payment bonds, technical clarifications, contract progress, payments (letters of credit), deliveries & post delivery site issues.
8、Meet with key decision makers (Power Utilities, Design Institutes & Boiler Companies) to influence purchase specifications in HTL favour
9、Graduate Mechanical Engineer (ideally with some electrical knowledge)
Knowledge/Experience of/in the power generation business.
1、Fluent in both Mandarin & English
2、Good communication skills
3、Team Player
4、Smart Appearance
6、Self Motivated

Ensure HTL are invited to participate in the bidding for BCP requirements
1、Order success
2、Accurate and timely technical response to customer enquiry
3、Display a knowledge and understanding of customer applications of HTL products.
4、To actively support in development of HTl’s customers and identify Technical market leads to promote HT’s competencies in the market.

Develop competence
1、Support proposal team on order acceptance and handover schedule (Technical)
2、To be conversant with customer core requirements and end user application in New Units and aftermarket.
3、Review of customer technical requirements and specifications and ensure adequate HT compliance.
4、To be conversant and publish methodologies of key HT knowledge relevant to technical bid e.g. heat exchange selection, thrust disc selection etc.
5、Preparation of compliance specification matrix / Technical clarification documentation.
6、To identify and prepare risk matrix against customer specifications and to determine level of risk of non compliance with customer.
7、To support proposal team in preparation of Technical bid documentation e.g. GA’s, PID’s and other supporting customer documentation.
8、To liaise and obtain support of HT Technical resource to support bid preparation in a timely manner.
9、To develop Technical relationship with customer.
10、 To develop HT’s core understanding of customer end user applications.
11、To ensure documentation at the bid stage on key technical selection philosophy e.g. cable selection.

additional requirment: 电厂锅炉相关经验、或者设计院电机相关经验。

The Shanghai office will be around Metro line 2, Century Avenue station, Pudong Shanghai. 上海办公室将在上海浦东世纪大道附近,地铁二号线周边。

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